Booking Your Flight

If flying into Saskatoon, you will land at the Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, on the north edge of the city, a 10 minute drive to the city center. You can arrange for a car rental from one of several car rental agencies within the terminal. Just outside the terminal doors, local bus, taxi, limo, wheelchair accessible transportation (arrange in advance) or shuttle services (to a few hotels) are available.

Other Transportation Options

Local Bus: Local transit service to most of the city. There is a central transit hub located in downtown. Live maps, route planning tools, information on fares are available on the Saskatoon Transit website.

Long Distance Bus: Greyhound Canada operates out of the Husky Travel Centre and provides inter-provincial service to Manitoba and Alberta and beyond.

Car: Saskatoon is a modern city with an excellent road system. Speed limit within the city is 50 km/hr. Circle Drive, as its name suggests, circles the city, creating a streamlined commuter route as well as connecting to major highways; speed limit here is 90 km/hr. Be aware that there are speed cameras along the route.

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Train: Via Rail Canada is a trans-Canadian passenger train service. It stops in Saskatoon three times a week from May to October on its run between Toronto and Vancouver. It offers a one-of-a-kind trip through the Prairies and over Rockies on your way to the Pacific Coast of Canada. Connect to other routes along the way to get to Northern Manitoba or all the way to the Atlantic Coast.

Taxi: There are several local taxi companies, only a phone call away.

Travel Documents

Canadians (including dual and Canadian permanent residents) and USA citizens need to only carry a valid passport to travel to and within Canada. However, depending on your country or territory, you may need to obtain a visa OR an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in addition to holding a valid passport. Find more information regarding entry requirements to Canada here.

Letter of Invitation

The Organizing Committee can provide a letter of invitation to those who require one for visas or other related administrative reasons. This letter aims to only assist participants for their travel to Canada and does not imply any commitment for the Organizing Committee to provide financial support.

To receive a Letter of Invitation, delegates must first register for the Congress and letters will only be issued to attendees who have paid for their registration in fullPlease be advised that the Secretariat requires 2-3 business days to process visa invitation letters. 

It is recommended you start your visa application at least 6 weeks before the event you wish to attend. In the case of payment not made with a credit card, the Secretariat needs to verify the registration payment has been received before providing a letter. Please note that cancellations after the preregistration cutoff may result in a partial or full cancellation fee. 

A visa invitation letter is no guarantee to receive a visa and it is the sole responsibility of the attendee to contact the embassy or consulate to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry into the country.

The Secretariat reserves the right to refuse requests for visa invitation letters submitted less than 6 weeks prior to the event.

* Please note: for visa application denials, the cancellation policy will be extended to June 21, 2019. You must provide a copy of the visa denial letter to receive your refund. Refund requests must be made in writing and sent to Refund requests received after this date cannot be accepted.

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