Tips For A Casino-Themed Party

Casino-Themed Party
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Tips For A Casino-Themed Party

A casino-themed party is hard to imagine without cards, so a quick “poker” with easy rules will perfectly complement the atmosphere of the event, and will be to the taste of even those who in ordinary life is far from gambling. Otherwise your casino can’t be a real casino party as well and you and your guests should rather go to the landbased casino or gamble at Bizzo Casino

Dealer and casino games

Choose a dealer – let him hand out a few players (3-6), who put the base bet, in a circle of cards, one at a time. At his “move” player can give any of his cards and take another one from the deck, or do not change anything and just take a card (but in the hand they can not be more than 12 pieces). After the kona of ten moves can be as raise the bet and play another round, and spasovat (cards surrendered sent to the deck). 

As soon as there are 2 people left in the game, the remaining must immediately reveal their cards. And here begins the most interesting thing – you need to work out in advance and give the guests descriptions of the “hierarchy” of various combinations (by numbers, “pictures”). The owner of the most powerful combination takes the “bank” for himself. You can finalize or change the rules of these games, as well as come up with something o your own – absolutely authorial and original. The main thing – sincerely set yourself up for excitement, and with him any party “will pull a million dollars”.

Think about the decor

Casino-Themed Party

Mandatory tables for card games (their number should be sufficient), as well as a bar, where treats and drinks will be located. If possible, it is better to invite a real bartender, who will create the impression of a real casino.But if there is no such opportunity, you can prepare in advance a number of different cocktails and display them on the bar, so that everyone can choose what he likes. As a decoration will suit dense heavy fabrics: velvet and brocade, covering the furniture, serving as tablecloths. The light should be muted, can play soft music (soundtracks from gangster movies, jazz, blues compositions are suitable).

Ideas for decorating the party in the style of the casino – this is primarily gaming attributes and decor, which will help to create the atmosphere of a real casino. In the first place is a table for poker, which is an indispensable attribute for such a holiday. In addition, you need playing cards, chips for the game, roulette and dice. You can rent such equipment, but if you do not have such an opportunity, you can make everything with your own hands, using some elements of decor, which you will find further.An important element of decoration will be candles, which are fixed on the casino mugs. This will create an additional effect. In addition, you can use light elements for the decoration of the holiday, which will help to strengthen the impression that the guests are in the casino. Use bright spotlights and flashlights to create a cozy and bright atmosphere.

Contests for a casino style party include traditional card games (poker, blackjack) as well as roulette. In addition, you can come up with other entertainment. For example, ask to identify the bill by touch, blindfolding the participants. Another option is a money race. Everyone has to blow on his/her bill until it crosses the finish line. Another contest: put coins and bills in a jar and ask participants to guess how much money is in it.


Casino-Themed Party

Men definitely need a tuxedo or a strict suit, bowtie and white shirt. Ladies – evening dress made of silk and lace, elegant shoes, expensive jewelry. No vulgar outfits – only strictness and elegance. As an additional prop, bring a pack of fake money. 


The food should be very exquisite. Small sandwiches, tartlets and canapés are ideal. It will be convenient for guests to grab something from the buffet table and continue playing at the gaming tables.

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