What is the secret to getting bonuses in Slot Machines?

bonuses in Slot Machines
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What is the secret to getting bonuses in Slot Machines?

Slots players know that in order to beat luck, you have to pay attention to the bonuses that a machine offers. What is the secret to getting bonuses? Is there any chance of getting some kind of extra bonus? Do slot machines allow players to use their own tricks to their advantage?

In this article we will reveal the secrets of slot machine bonuses and give lots of tips for players looking for big wins. Enjoy a good read!

The types of bonuses

Bonuses can be defined as a type of courtesy, advantage, prize or privilege that a consumer receives from their supplier. This same definition can also be applied to slot machines, so a machine that offers a bonus will be offering the bettor who plays online slots more than he usually offers.

But what can these machines offer? In this article we will see that there are many types of bonuses, such as free spins, multipliers, among others. So, without further ado, let’s see what they are.

Spin bonus

Bonus spins or free spins are the simplest types of bonuses. They allow the player to pull the spin lever without using the balance to bet.

Although free spins do not use a player’s balance, they pay out winnings in the same way as balance bets and are therefore a great way to increase winnings.



Multipliers are attributes associated with certain spins on certain machines. Sometimes, these slot multipliers must be activated by increasing the bet, or through the combination of a specific symbol.

Keep an eye out as some multipliers may be hidden in the mini-games and can offer incredible boosts of up to 100 times the amount bet.

Bonus symbols

It is important to know the symbols present on the reels, since some of them are necessary for the bettor to get the bonuses. Let’s get to know them.

Special icons

Special icons, or scatters, are widely used to initiate free spins or multipliers. Due to their scatter nature, the special icons do not need to appear all together to offer something to the player.

These symbols can appear anywhere on the screen, and their mere presence gives the bettor some advantage.

Wild symbols

Very special wild symbols! They are used to substitute for any other symbol in the game (usually except for special icons) to form winning combinations.

The wild acts as a wild card in the buraco game, giving the player a greater range of possibilities.



Jackpots or jackpots are the best part of a slot machine. Each bet contributes a small amount to the pot. Little by little, the jackpot increases until it spills out an infinity of coins.

Some jackpot jackpots, like the ones on Hot Drop slot, can have up to hundreds of thousands of real bonuses for a lucky player.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are awarded on the first deposit(s) of the clients. They are added to new players’ balances as a welcome offer. If you are looking for such an offer, create your Bodog account today and enjoy your welcome bonus.

One of the main advantages of the welcome bonuses is that the client does not have to pay the values that are added to his account. However, these values count as part of the bettor’s bankroll, so that he can place bets that award real money.

Boost your game

What did you think of our article on bonuses? Did you already know all the ways to acquire some advantages in slot machines?

Bonuses are undoubtedly a good source of incentive for the most persistent players. In any case, it is important to follow a strategy and enjoy the fabulous slots themes. Good luck!

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