5 exciting new slots to enjoy

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5 exciting new slots to enjoy

If you are fans of online slot games, it will be interesting that you can learn about the new news that the market has. In this article we are going to present you 5 slots that have been launched in recent times and that have a spectacular level.

These games are a sensation in online casinos. Each one with its characteristics and its theme, brings excitement to all players and immerses them in their fantasy. With them you can enjoy and also have the possibility of earning money. Come on! Let’s enter the world of new slots.

How to bet on the new casino slot machines?

Although the new slot machines bring new initiatives and proposals, the way of betting on these games does not change. Playing Slots online is really very simple; You simply have to select the bet world and click on it to start the game. With different game alternatives, special features, and varied structures, in the slots we simply click to start the game and let chance do its thing.

Top 5 New Slot Games

New Slot Games

Now yes! Here we go with the top 5 new slot games you can find. All of them meet the standards and ensure maximum fun. You cannot stop knowing these titles that are being a sensation all over the world.

Rain Balls Slot

Rain Balls is a slot created by the renowned online casino game provider, Skywind. This game is distinguished by creating a world full of color and fun. With medium volatility and a hefty RTP of 96%, players can embark on a unique and special adventure.

This slot features bonus rounds, cascading symbols and expanding wilds. The balls rain down onto the reels and the fun begins.

Dragon Tiger Gate

Dragon Tiger Gate is an exciting slot developed by Habanero. Players must face a powerful dragon and a brave tiger, who are the protagonists of the game; besides you, of course. The action comes with an in-game battle.

With high volatility and an RTP that can range from 92.23% to 97.89% depending on settings, this slot also offers free spins, wild symbols and interaction bonus rounds. The oriental theme is chosen in the Dragon Tiger Gate game where bravery is tested.

Viking Slots

Viking Slots

Vikings Slot, as its name refers to, has a theme where the protagonists are the Vikings and their battles. This is a slot designed by NetEnt, which offers an action packed experience with this slot.

With high volatility and an RTP that is in the range of 95.1% to 97.6%, players will be in for cascading symbols, free spins and a vibrant bonus game.

Fruitopolis Slots

Fruitopolis presents a fruit paradise that will dazzle you visually. This fun slots game designed by Skywind immerses its players in a world full of colorful fruits and interesting rewards. The game has high volatility and a more than acceptable RTP of 96.50%.

Users can enjoy the action of wild symbols, bonus rounds and free spins. A fresh theme that becomes very familiar in a short time of play.

Christmas Reach Slot

The Christmas season in online casinos is experienced with the Christmas Reach Slot game, a slot machine where gifts abound. This game created by Evoplay turns charming and conveys a festive air.

With moderate volatility and an RTP of 96.11%, players can enjoy special features such as free spins, multipliers and an exciting Christmas bonus game. The magic of the holidays is in any month of the year with this slot.

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